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How to Organise a Restaurant Kitchen

A busy restaurant is going to have a busy kitchen, and to ensure maximum productivity you need to create a space that is organised, tailored and ready for anything that your customers may throw at you. When you’re trying to create a space that ensures streamlined, chaos-free cooking, take a look at a few of our tips for organising a commercial kitchen design.

Keep frequently used gadgets close

If you’ve got tools you use more often than others, store them close to your workstation. Practice it like a first in first out process, ensure the stuff that your cooks will use over and over again are within reach, so there’s no frustrated rummaging through draws and stacks of tools. Think about hanging spatula, tongs, ladles and spoons, within reach, as well as small pots and pans that will be regularly used.

No more closed cabinets

Shelving units and racks are a much easier way to store less frequently used items and ingredients, as they allow for easy access and visibility. When you’re designing your kitchen, nix the closed off cabinets and stick with shelving that makes things crystal clear.

Create designated spaces

Organising your commercial kitchen into designated spaces will ensure that the right people are in the right spots from start to finish. Having a hot station, cold station, prep station and cleaning station will streamline the process for all of your staff. Everyone knows where they should be.

Go vertical on storage

If your kitchen is lacking in extra space consider the space you can take advantage of on your ceiling or walls. Vertical wall hangings for pots and pans can help free up space for other utensils and tools, or even for work stations. You can also repurpose empty walls for magnetic knife strips and other magnetised containers.

Energy efficiency

Kitchens naturally need a lot of power, so an energy-efficient design saves you money in the long run. Does it make sense to have your fryers close to the freezer? Have you strategically placed cooking equipment so that hot air is ventilated through? There are lots of plans that can help reduce your energy consumption in your kitchen.

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