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Commercial Kitchen Designers and Foodservice Design Consultants

About Us

3D Kitchen Design provides bespoke commercial kitchen designs for cafes, restaurants, and bars in Sydney, Australia. Our team of commercial kitchen consultants can help you find the perfect commercial kitchen floor plan, regardless of the size of your space. We pride ourselves on being one of the most attentive, creative, and competitively priced kitchen design companies in Sydney.

Using 3D Kitchen Design as your kitchen planner will help you easily visualise your work area layout and make the planning of your commercial kitchen design and fit-out a smooth process. Our experienced consultants use CAD kitchen software to design the floor plan, equipment layout, and décor of your new kitchen. Our extensive 3D database allows you to envision the entire fit-out using real and accurate equipment dimensions. This enables you to precisely optimise layouts from aesthetic, commercial, and ergonomic perspectives without compromising on safety.

We design commercial kitchens of all sizes, from small cafes to 5-star restaurants. Modern commercial kitchen designs and floor plans can be vetted in advance by regulators and private certifiers to avoid the unexpected costs and delays that can arise from last-minute compliance requirements.

Our foodservice design consultants have been specialised in designing and creating efficient and functional culinary spaces for many years. Contact our kitchen design consultants today to learn more.