3 Commercial Kitchen Trends For 2024


Looking to design your commercial kitchen? Our design consultants at 3D Kitchen Design have picked out the top 3 commercial kitchen trends you should look out for!

commercial kitchen 3D visualisation

Commercial kitchen layouts and equipment can directly affect the restaurant ambiance and the types of food chefs make in the kitchen, leading to a whole new dining experience. Just as how everyone around the world can appreciate a plate of tasty food, not surprisingly trends in the commercial kitchens also reflect global trends. Keep your eyes peeled this year for these three commercial kitchen trends that will shake the hospitality industry in Sydney.

Sustainable Kitchen Appliances – commercial kitchen equipment

Increasingly, chefs are also looking for kitchen solutions that use less energy, reducing energy consumption and costs. This may come in the form of combi ovens or other commercial washers commonly found in commercial kitchen. The focus of newer technology in the kitchen is no longer just about creating the next food trend, but also how the kitchen can be sustainable.  

Further Automation

Food delivery services are becoming the norm and with that, production kitchens must adapt. On-demand cooking, fast turnaround time and cashless payments only mean an increased emphasis on creating an efficient workflow by integrating point of sale systems within the kitchen setup. Touchscreens and mobile screens will be a permanent feature in commercial kitchens to help facilitate overall service instead of old systems of using physical tickets on an order rail.

Multipurpose Cooking Equipment

With growing rent a new trend in the food and beverage industry, commercial kitchens are shrinking fast. Chefs are looking towards opening the kitchen to open concept designs and visualisation, allowing customers to see the cooking process and where their dishes come from. In addition, there will be higher demand for commercial kitchen equipment with multiple functions to boost efficient use of space. From multifunction combi ovens to Bratt pans and boiling pots, these tools allow for several cooking methods will also reduce labour costs and possibly any costs incurred for staff training.

Design Your Sydney Commercial Kitchen With Us

Aside from key design features that is necessary in every commercial kitchen, our design consultants at 3D Kitchen Design can incorporate the latest commercial kitchen trends in your kitchen space. Let us help you organise your commercial kitchen or other hospitality fit-outs in a way that suits your Sydney restaurant best. Contact us at 0411 414 605 or email us your enquiries and we will get back to you as soon as we can!