What Design Features Does Every Commercial Kitchen Need?

Before you start designing your commercial kitchen, you need to determine how the kitchen is going to operate in order to access what designs will suit your restaurant best. When evaluating your kitchen space and layout, it is also important to include service process and menu planning as these will affect how you want your kitchen to function. Regardless of cuisine type or restaurant type, there are some crucial features that all commercial kitchens should have to ensure smooth operation on a daily basis.


Proper ventilation is not only needed to maintain quality of air indoors, it will also affect the temperature of the kitchen as service progresses into a busy night. Keeping the work environment as pleasant as possible for kitchen staff and making sure that food odours are not lingering due to lack of air circulation will ensure the quality of food produced on the pass is kept consistent. Rangehoods should have vents that lead to the outside.


Good lighting allows your kitchen staff to see exactly what they are doing and helps to avoid accidents. Also remove any factors that causes of glare or reflection.


Making sure your commercial kitchen is energy-efficient not only saves you electricity, but also ensures the cooking is more consistent during a service. Consider strategically placing your fridge and freezers away from cooking equipment and have the exhaust system located as close to the cooking area as possible.

Smooth kitchen flow

The art of ergonomic kitchen configuration is to ensure the layout of the kitchen is most suitable for the number of staff working in it and that it is as user-friendly as it is functional at full capacity. This means configuring the layout such that staff will require the least amount of time to complete their tasks in a safe and sustainable manner.

Food and health safety

Making sure that your restaurant complies with your state’s regulations is important not just for the sake of obtaining your restaurant licence or permits. Taking care of your staff’s health and wellbeing will translate into better quality of food for your restaurant customers. Ensure that safety protocols are in place and practiced, review them on a regular basis with an industry professional to ensure they are up to date. There should definitely be a place for emergency tools as part of your commercial kitchen design plans.   

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